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Basic Navigation and Piloting
This two-day class is for everyone from novice to experienced boaters looking for formal training in piloting and navigation. Students receive lecture and hands-on training utilizing charts, plotting tools, government publications and workbook exercises. Upon completion of the class, students are able to plot a course, create a route log, plot their position by various types of fixes, calculate time, speed & distance, and perform set and drift vectors. Participants learn the same techniques used in the plotting module of the USCG deck officer license exam.


  • Chart orientation 
  • Use of government publications such as: Tide Tables, Tidal Current Tables, Light List, Coast Pilot, Notice to Mariners, Navigation Rules, Chart No. 1 
  • Plotting positions 
  • Creating routes 
  • Plotting three-bearing fixes, running fixes and electronic fixes 
  • Understanding aids to navigation 
  • Rules of the Road 
  • Trip planning (use of cruising guides, planning fuel stops, etc.) 
  • Dead Reckoning 
  • Time, speed and distance 
  • Set and drift vectors
Starts Starts: 3/23/2019 9:00 AM
Sessions Sessions: 2
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